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Welcome to the Conception Date Calculator! Ever wonder about when you were conceived? If so, this tool might give you a better idea! We use advanced formulas to give the best estimate of the exact day that you were conceived. Enter in the date of your birth along with if you were born early or late.

Contents Rates mortgage buyer freddie extra payments calculates missed menstrual period 280 days (40 instantly estimate your baby’s birth date, day of the week, and create a chart of dates for all 40 weeks of pregnancy with this baby due date calculator. This Reverse Due Date Calculator is simple to use.

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The Reverse Due Date Calculator is the simplest method to find when to make love, if you want your baby to be born on a particular date.

Period Schedule Calculator Our period calculator is pretty magical. It predicts future periods, tracks ovulation and helps you plan for special events so your calendar is period free.* It is possible to get pregnant at any point in your menstrual cycle.

How a Reverse Due Date Calculator Works. This makes the 280 version of a due date a bit on the useless side. But it does work well to use the 266-day rule and tack that on to the date of ovulation. So if you ovulate on day ten, you’d have a due date of 276 days; if you ovulate at day 20, you’d have a 286-day due date.

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Calculate the number of days between two dates: Start date: Use today’s date MM DD YYYY End date: Use today’s date MM DD YYYY Today is: September 5, 2019 Calculate the date some number of days from an initial date: Start date: Use today’s date MM DD YYYY Number of days: